Cork: Natural, renewable and eco-friendly

Cork is derived from the bark of the cork oak tree, mainly grown in the Mediterranean region, with Portugal and Spain as the largest producers.

Dating back to ancient times, cork has been essential due to its unique properties. It is naturally impermeable, buoyant, elastic, and fire resistant, making it ideal for a wide range of uses, from wine stoppers to building insulation.

This renewable resource is not only practical but also environmentally friendly, as harvesting cork doesn’t harm the tree and helps maintain biodiversity in cork oak forests.

Why us?

We offer a wide range of cork products to a number of key industries.

Products include granulated cork, insulation cork, cork rolls, sheets, and blocks.

Our clientele includes the Marine, Construction, Film, Rail, and Defence sectors, among others.

With a well-established supplier base, we ensure the consistent quality of our products and uninterrupted supply.

Anglo-Portuguese Cork has been a trusted supplier of cork to companies in the UK and Europe for over five decades.

Our products

Cork granules

We supply many grades of cork with varying granule sizes and density. All are produced to a very high standard ensuring quality and moisture content are strictly controlled.

Expanded insulation cork

Expanded insulation cork is an eco-friendly material derived from cork oak bark. Through heat processing, cork granules merge into a solid block, exhibiting excellent thermal and acoustic insulation properties. It is fire, moisture, and rot resistant and valued for its renewability.

Cork sheeting

Cork sheets, available in rolls or individual pieces, offer versatile uses including flooring underlay, memo boards and wall coverings. Their adaptability extends with customisable thickness to meet specific needs, showcasing a wide range of applications.

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